Barnes and Nobles

Sunday I was at Barnes and Nobles with a friend of mine. I looked around and started reading The Fall Of Five by Pittacus Lore right in the middle of the isle. I’ve been going and enjoying B&N since I was three so this is nothing new. But then I became painfully reminded (literally) that there were no comfortable places to sit and read. B&N had gotten rid of all of their cozy reading chairs!! Actually I’ve known this for a while but it was especially frustrating then because I haven’t been to B&N in a while and now I had no place to sit and enjoy my book. My friend and I settled for the cafe and sat there for another hour or so. It was nice but I’m definitly mad there were no over-sized chairs anymore.

Well despite that I still had a wonderful time. While I read I enjoyed a strawberries and creme frappe and a lemon square from the Starbucks cafe in B&N. Wonderful!

Talking to corporate about why no good chairs… I will post what I learn.


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