Book Title: Code

Author: Kathy and Brendan Reichs

Publisher: Putnam Juvenile

Length: 496 pages

Genre: Action-adventure, fiction


How I discovered/acquired this book: I found the first “gem” (Virals) on a shelf at the library and have been hooked to the entire series ever since.


Notes and opinions:

I absolutely loved this book! I think out of the three virals I’ve read so far this is my favorite. This book seriously left me on the edge of my seat. Will the gamemaster win? Will Ben and Tory get together? Will they together as a pack? Will there family’s survive? Etc… Plus, since Virals I’m very attached to Tory. I relate to her sense of leadership and kick-butt additude. The action, suspense, and underlying feelings between certain people are absolutely fantastic! The plot was unique from the other books and so interesting! I loved the idea of a madman picking these kids to play his horrid game. These characters are witty, closely bonded throughout the experience of being DNA tied, and are exciting, easy to identify with, and maybe a little eccentric.

What it is about (overview):

Tory Brennan and her “pack” are out geocaching and find a clue that leads them on a mad hunt to stop the game masters evil plan before the clock runs out. Tick tock, tick tock. As the time runs out to complete the game the gang must solve the clues, save their lives and many others, and unmask the gamemaster. If they don’t their are…deadly consequences. And a deep secret is revealed in the process.


I would highly recommend this book, heck this whole series, to those who love adventure, excitement, and suspense. Although I personally, quite possibly the only one, who, didn’t get in on the Hunger Games craze. I suspect those who did love The Hunger Games would find this of a similar vein of excitement. And the writing quality is just fantastic! I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!


Scale of 1-10 (10 being exceptional)

Quality of writing: 8

Page: 9

Plot development: 8

Characters: 7 1/2

Enjoyability: 9 1/2

Insightfulness: 7

Ease of reading: 7

Photos/ illustrations: N/A


Overall rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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