Book Title: StarGirl(#1) and (#2) Love, Stargirl

Author: Jerry Spinelli

Publisher: Scholastic, Knopf Books for Young Readers

Number of pages: Total: 480 Separate: (#1) 186,  (#2) 288

Genre: Fiction, romance-drama-teen?


How I discovered/acquired this book: I heard about it on blogs and by word of mouth so I checked the series out from the library. Because I finished them a little while ago I decided to do an overall review of both books.


Notes and opinions:

(#1)I absolutely love this book!  I would totally recommend this book! I think people who are patient through the slow parts but who can appreciate the incredible storyline and amazing character development. People who know an amazing book when the see one. It’s one of the most amazing and inspiring book I’ve ever read. For any person who is struggling to be who they are this is the book that should inspire you that no matter what you should always be you and not conform to every other persons standards. And if you are a homeschooler it inspires you to as much as you can to make use of life’s greatest moments. Well anyone really. This book is whimsical view of life in public school, I absolutely am in love with Stargirl and absolutely hate Leo. What I don’t like is it just drops off at the end. Like Stargirl goes Poof! and the story ends.

(#2) Stargirl is just heartbreaking in this story! I love her personality and that she continues to be this amazing, inspired, passionate person. In this book, Leo isn’t/ yet is in the picture. Love, Stargirl is a never-ending letter to Leo, the love of her life, who broke her heart and now isn’t there to fix it. I love Dootsie! She really brings some sunshine to this book. So much better than the first (I still loved the first) and a much better ending.This book still covers part of her homeschooling life and it’s so interesting how she takes the basics she learns and does all kind of incredible things. And her people skills are incredible! She is interested in everyone and loves and helps everyone till everyone is basically forced (but not really) to love her back. In the end, she has enough friends to last her a lifetime.

What’s it about? (overview):

Stargirl (#1): Stargirl is a free spirit, happy, crazy homeschooler who comes to public school to meet people. It starts out good when everyone (except a few) fall in love with her loving manner and happy nature. But one day Stargirls love for everyone goes over the boundary her peers have set for her and everyone but Leo turns on her and shuts her out. Her boyfriend Leo makes her change to a popular stereotype hoping it will make things better. It doesn’t work.But can Leo stand the pressure of being locked out of social life? Or will he leave Stargirl behind?

Love, Stargirl (#2): Stargirl moved to Pennsylvania and left Leo behind. But her mind hasn’t left him and her happy bucket resides around 5 pebbles. But when she meets some new friends they slowly draw her out of her lovestruck depression. She finds her special stargirl way to give everyone a little of what they needed right back, maybe before the helped her. That’s the beauty of her, she is everyone’s friend, loves everyone, how could you not love her? Will Leo ever love her again? Did he ever?


Rate on a scale of one to ten:(#1) Rate on a scale of one to ten:(#2)

Quality of writing: 8 Quality of writing: 8

Pace: 7 Pace: 7

Plot development: 7 Plot development: 7

Characters: 8 Characters: 9

Enjoyability: 8 Enjoyability: 9

Insightfulness: 7 Insightfulness: 7

Ease of reading: 8 Ease of reading: 8

Photos/illustrations: N/A Photos/illustrations: N/A

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 starsImage


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