A late Top 10 Tuesday. Top 10 book turn-off’s

Top Ten Tuesday! Top 10 book turn-offs.

No particular order, totally random

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Happy to participate! 


1. Damsel in distress-

What kills me in a book is when the girl is a weak wench, waiting to be rescued because she doesn’t have the strength of character or the intelligence to take care of herself. This drives me absolutely crazy!


2. Narcissistic males-
I hate it when in the book the men behave as if their these brawny, macho, amazing people and the woman in the book fall all over them. Are we seriously supposed to look up to these men? I mean they act like their gods gift to woman and all mankind!


3. Gory Violence-

I will tell you right now, I hate bloody, gory, violence.  So if a book promises action, adventure, suspense, I’m excited! What I didn’t sign up for was nasty, red, gutsy, bloody chunks all over my page.  


4. Sex-

I’m almost fourteen so when I’m reading a book I do NOT want to be confronted with this uncomfortable content. Though disappointed I have continued to read a story that alludes to intimacy but doesn’t give explicit details.


5. Abrupt endings-

Hello, they build it up, build it up, and then boom! It’s over. I invested precious time into this story. I deserve to have it come full circle. It’s the least they could do.  


6.  The “F” bomb-

To me, especially for YA books, using stupid curse words comes off as lazy. You are an author! You should be smarter or better than that. If not, well you better work on that!


7.  Copy cats-

Be original! Don’t try to ride the wave of popularity by trying to write what’s already been done. If you try to imitate Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twighlight, to name a few, I doubt you’ll get anywhere because people have picked there side. Get creative instead.


8. Overly detailed-

Okay, in a good book you need lots of detail. But not so much that you feel overwhelmed by it. For example: Her iridescent, beautiful, blue like the shimmering lake in my great-great grandparents backyard who by the way, were wrinkled like raisins left in the sun for a week, her eyes shining like an angel way up high in heaven, that’s what her, the love of my life, my souls, eyes are like. See? You get the picture.


9. Love triangles-
So over done and most of the time not well. They come off as very juvenile. I think love stories should be sweet, you know he is the one, not you like two guys and you can’t decide which one. That’s just retarded. Obviously you’re not “in love” with either.


10.  Animal cruelty-

Animals have an innocence that humans do not. Unless it’s nonfiction, I prefer not to entertain the idea of animals being harmed. Makes me depressed. Yes, I am a softy for Bambi. Movies with animal cruelty make me cry. Books don’t but still, very depressed. 


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