Eve by Anna Carey


Eve was strongly recommended to me by a friend of mine. She loooooves this book, and so I picked it up at the library. It didn’t sound uber fantastic but I said, “Hey! Why not?”

The book started off okay, the “sows” twist was different, and her making her own way in the world was interesting. And I really liked Arden’s character. But as this book went on it kept building and building….but nothing was happening. It kind of felt like the author was just stalling for pages, or maybe there was something I missed. Finally some exciting stuff went down towards the end of the book when Eve, Arden, and Lark stayed at the safe house. From this point in the story onward I was actually somewhat hooked. I loved the drama of her calling to her lost love in code. (Very romantic) but also very stupid. Because then the two awesome peeps who let them into their home (I forget their names already) were shot to death. I was very upset about that. And then Lark died. I wasn’t to upset about that, she was really annoying. And I hated when Arden ran off to distract the soldiers and let Eve escape. I LOVE ARDEN! In the sequel they better not make her dead. I will be so mad. And Eve…is well… I mean, to be perfectly honest, I find Eve a tad bit irritating. She just feels needy, and then those who are kind enough to help her…die. Except Caleb, which brings me to the end of the book. Caleb and Eve finally make it to Califia, Caleb wounded, and then Eve finds out Califia is only for girls. So the two twits at the entrance wont let Caleb in, and Eve and Caleb say they’re final goodbye. GAHH!!!! I love/hate this part. I love the drama(duh) but like seriously this boy is wounded. Possibly bleeding to death, and you can’t just take him in for five minutes for a painkiller??? GOD!

Anyway, not super impressed. Good, not great, not bad…just meh. Okay. Mmm… *** stars for Eve.


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