So here is a brief update on what’s been going on lately (not that you care).

I made the decision to get rid of my iPod touch. Now as many of you may think at first, “CRAZY!” And it very well may be true but here is the reason behind it. I was addicted. Seriously addicted. I had no life outside of instagram and iMessage and selfies, etc… And once this came to my attention I realized I needed to do something different. So I got rid of my iPod and replaced it with a Nano which can’t do any of the above listed problems. It plays music and videos, and I can put pictures on there so it suits all my needs perfectly. And now I have an opportunity to live. Explore. Learn. Make connections. Read. Write. Whatever I want! I finally will get to truly unschool. Let me know what you all think about what I have done and if you have any suggestions of things to do in my free time although I have discovered that I have become VERY busy.


Thanks guys!



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